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Elder Care Management Services and Options

With extensive experience in care management, Elder Care Consultants of Texas has access to reputable elder care providers in the Dallas and surrounding areas.

Home Health, Companion and Hospice Care

We can help you choose reliable home health, companion and hospice care firms who can assist your loved ones if they choose to remain in their home.

Alternative Living Arrangements

We can recommend facilities with varying levels of care which fit your budget and geographical preference. Our social worker can provide assessments for elders and help you select a safe and accountable facility.

Our social worker can be made available to ensure a smooth transition for you and your loved ones to this new living arrangement and make periodic follow-up visits to ensure that they enjoy the best quality of life possible. Also, we have access to reputable real estate professionals, moving companies and persons who conduct estate sales to help you relocate your loved ones into their new living arrangement.

Establishing Professional Relationships

We can assist you in locating and establishing relationships with:

  • Gerontologists and rehabilitation therapists who can enhance the health and well being of your loved one.
  • Estate planning attorneys who can prepare a variety of estate planning documents such as wills, statutory durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, directives to physicians, declarations of guardianship and HIPPA releases and authorizations.
  • Certified public accountants to assist you with tax or financial advice and planning.

Family Mediation

Family members sometimes have different views about the best form of elder care for their parents or other loved ones. We mediate family differences with the goal of helping your family find solutions that will both benefit your loved ones and increase family solidarity. Our social worker is available to participate in these mediation sessions.

Real Estate Services

If selling or leasing your loved ones’ home is an option you want to pursue, we can suggest skilled and responsive realtors whom we know and can either sell or lease the home at a fair price as quickly as market conditions allow.


Should investment or financial advice be needed, we can suggest the services of established and reputable national financial firms who are known to us for their excellent service and reasonable fees.

Monitoring Of Third Party Vendors

We can monitor the services and payment of third party vendors (home maintenance, home health, etc.). If disputes arise with these vendors, we will attempt to resolve these disputes quickly and fairly with your approval.

Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Administration

Our services include tracking property and casualty insurance claims which may arise if your loved ones remain in their home. We will keep you informed as to the status of claims and information needed by the insurer to pay the claim.

Assistance to Executors, Guardians and Persons Having Powers of Attorney

Our firm provides estate management consulting services to persons who are responsible for another person or his or her property pursuant to a power of attorney, will, trust or guardianship. We assist with the organization and preservation of personal and business records and can coordinate the liquidation of business or personal assets at the direction of trust and estates attorneys or accountants.

End of Life Arrangements

We provide responsible and compassionate advice about funeral arrangements. Our firm can suggest funeral homes which provide caring and quality service and dignified arrangements which meet your family’s needs and make financial sense.

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